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The Significance of Color Schemes in Interior Design

Colors play a crucial role in deciding the mood in the space they occupy. When used correctly, the color composition of different tones and pallets can make an ordinary room the most interesting place in your house. The atmosphere in your living space, the place where most people spend the majority of their time, is not something to be taken lightly so every piece of furniture matters when you are trying to create the right design.

The possibilities are endless and there is no limit to what you can achieve with the right combination of colors. Perfecting the art of using the right schemes to create a certain feeling is a long process that few accomplish, but when you get it right, you will be amazed at the results.

The Effect of Color on our Mood

Even if their impact on our lives is usually considered to be on a more superficial level, colors can affect our mood in multiple ways. The moment you step into a room, the space around you, the things that occupy the space, and the combination of colors will be noticed by you, maybe even on a subconscious level.

The colors will stimulate our senses even if do not notice them directly. The way they affect us will depend on the tones that are present in the room and how they work together. For example, if a room includes too many bright colors that don’t go well together, your senses may be overstimulated which would the color composition not fit for a working space due to the distraction they might cause. In turn, designs that include a lot of soft, muted, and calm colors can make you feel more at ease and would be perfect for a bedroom.

The delightful challenge of interior design is the mixing and matching tones to create the desired feeling. Looking at a space, figuring out what you are working with, and creating a composition of colors and furniture that will make the inhabitants feel at home is the intention.

Our intention as Handan Loomswork with the handcrafted furnishing we make and the colors that we use is to turn your living space into a more wholesome and comfortable place to spend time in.

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Giving Life to Space

We already know that colors can give the spaces we live in an extra dimension with their ability to set the mood. When you are furnishing a room, the first question you should ask yourself should be what mood you are trying to create.

Bright and loud colors like canary yellow or lime green can give a playful, energetic mood to your house while more neutral and gentle colors can make the room feel airier and larger. Monochromatic color schemes in general have the amazing ability to make small, dull rooms more interesting and spacy. Neutral color schemes, which are one of our favorites, always amaze us with their unique way of giving a room serenity, cohesiveness and maturity.

If you are a fan of neutral, earthy tones, then you will love our collection and the pallet we use on our furnishing products. The color schemes that we prefer in our products harmonize with natural sunlight perfectly and liven your homes up in an instant.

For more inspiration on a home that uses neutral color schemes make sure to visit our catalog.

Colors Working Together

Using the right colors that work well together will establish a proper framework and foundation on you to base your interior design vision. Each scheme or palate will convey a certain feeling and mood to particular rooms of your house.

Cohesive tones will make the space look more aesthetically pleasing and won’t overstimulate your senses. Lack of variety in color on the other hand can make a room seem dull and understimulate you.

Fashion and aesthetics are mostly subjective and entirely up to preference, but having a basic understanding of color theory will go a long way in putting together a cohesive design. When you learn the fundamentals, the rest is up to the creativity of the designer and the intent of the room.

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