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Ideas For a More Sustainable Home

We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but our planet is not exactly having the best years of its life. With the rising population and frivolous consumption habits, individuals are leaving a bigger carbon footprint behind them each year.

But it is not all bad news. There is still potential for change thanks to the efforts of more mindful consumers who are trying to have a positive effect on the environment. But how can you be one of those mindful users?

Can Sustainable Households Make Considerable Change?

There is a common belief that can almost be called a misconception that the real damage to the environment is mostly caused by big corporations that manufacture their products carelessly and in excessive quantities which would mean there is nothing individuals could do to prevent damage to the environment.

While there is some truth to this belief, we should keep in mind that those companies are making their products for individuals, according to consumer desires and needs. So, if there was a collective push from consumers demanding more sustainable methods of manufacturing or people started preferring environmentally friendly products, the companies would have to change their methods due to customer feedback.

Yes, you refusing a plastic bag in a grocery store won’t save the planet on its own but consumers making a collective effort to prefer sustainable products can motivate corporations to make changes in their production methods.

Suitability as a Life-Style

As we said, real change can start from an individual level. What better place to start your journey toward a more sustainable home design? It is the place where you spend most of your time, shouldn’t it be in tune with your personality and the lifestyle you are pursuing?

When you are buying furniture and furnishing, the brand you choose will in a way reflect your consumption habits and the effect you have on the planet. Preferring fast fashion brands that use questionable ways of manufacturing is just going to further exacerbate the problem.

Just to give an example, Handan Loomworks’ mission is to make sustainable, handwoven furnishing that were crafted using completely natural and raw materials. We are completely aware that there are more budget-friendly, affordable alternatives to our brand on the market that people might feel drawn to due to the competitive prices they have. But we don’t mind that.

Our goal is to make slow fashion more prevalent in the interior design industry and we believe communicating our value proposition to more people will play a huge role in achieving that goal.

When you buy a rug or cushion from us, not only you are purchasing a piece of furnishing that will be a part of your house for a long time, you are supporting a tradition of craftsmanship that has a long lineage. The piece will be made with 100% natural high-quality materials that will keep their charm for years to come thanks to the expert methods that were used while making them.

To get to know our brand better, you can check out the about us section in our website.

Buying less frequently, but buying the right things that will last longer than anything you purchase from a fast fashion brand will be your first step towards having more sustainable consumption habits and will likely benefit you, your home, and the planet in the long run.

Sustainable Home Ideas

We talked about being a mindful consumer. But where does one start? Here are some ideas that might help you start out your journey toward a more sustainable home.

Incorporate More Wood

Having an attractive finish and a pleasant, wholesome smell is not the only characteristic of wood. As you probably already know, wood is a 100% natural and sustainable resource that you should include more in your home. Not to mention the neutral tones that different types of wood have goes along amazing with our collection.

Look Into Recycled Furniture

Some people have a negative attitude towards buying second in general, but so many pieces of furniture and furnishing get thrown away without ever being properly used due to different reasons. Keep an eye out for high-quality furniture that you might find in places near you for great prices.

Double Glaze Your Windows

Suitability is not only about reducing the amount of plastic we use and preferring natural resources over synthetic ones. We should also be mindful of how much energy we consume. Double glazing your windows will help you heat your home better during winter and allow you to use less resources to keep your home warm.

Research Sustainable Brands

And lastly, do more research when you are purchasing something from a certain brand. See if they give detailed information on their supply chain and what types of materials they use. If you can’t find any, chances are they choose the cheapest and quickest options to cut corners.

As a consumer, you have more power than you think you have. Even making minor adjustments to the way you purchase things can have a positive impact if enough people do it. It is true that we need to be more mindful collectively but every group of people is made up of individuals who need to make the right decisions by themselves.

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