There are two reasons why the theme of the collection is seclusion.

Firstly; To purify from the chaos of the modern world and crowded cities, almost all of us calmly retreat to our corner, close our eyes with our inner motivation, join our hands and we need to create gaps in our minds, slow down and purify.


This need for mental purification and touch was my biggest source of inspiration while designing my rugs. In my creative design process, I used rug and Turkish knot weaving techniques, which are traditional Anatolian weaving techniques, together to emphasize my theme both aesthetically and to be able to tell its story. Thus, I was able to create two separate areas, which we can call emptiness and texture, and every rug in the collection was made with two different feelings, as I expressed in the following phrase. While each colored area in which the knot technique was used reminded us to notice the texture, that is, our need to touch, the monochrome areas where the flat weave technique was used could shed light on the voids in our mind.


Another reason why the collection's theme is seclusion; To allow the women craftsmen living in their villages, like all of us, create a void in their production processes and perhaps also in their minds by giving a gentle break to the classical Anatolian motifs woven by craftswomen, like my grandmother, for years in traditional Anatolian weaving.

Through our classical motifs, Anatolian women have so far articulated their love, rage, dreams and jealousy. But now it is time for them to secluse themselves and slow down and cleanse. While our old motifs continue to tell the ancient stories of our women in unique living spaces all over the world, this time we have decided to remain silent.


I dedicate my entire designs to my grandmother and local craftswomen who are weaving traditional Anatolian motifs and trying with this process to convey their feelings. Now we all wanted a bit of seclusion, we got a little cleansed and slowed down.

I hope that the rug you will make a room in your home, reminds you that sometimes there is a need for seclusion in the rapidly flowing life.

Handan Ozcan

Founder & Designer