Handan Loomworks, which brings an old craft into a part of modern city life by reviving the traditional handlooms with its original designs, creates artisan pieces for its own living spaces.

Handan Özcan, who completed her master's degree in the brand communication department of Sabancı University, has worked in the field of brand management in national and international companies.

In 2019, she decided to take a new route for herself with the contribution of her previous experiences, and opened the doors of this world to rediscover the traditional Anatolian weaving, which she learned from her grandmother, a former weaver.


"As someone who is closely interested in fashion and comes from a creative design background, I found anything genuine to be very precious. Anything that has been thought through, struggled with, and unique. For this reason, I have always had a dream to create a design brand of my own from the very beginning.” Özcan, who referred to the story of her brand with her words, created a venture that we can define as "the present state of an old-fashioned tradition" with her designs.

Based on the fact that we all struggle with improving our unique living spaces, the priority of the brand, which produces pillows and rugs, is to offer a new decoration experience that includes craft and design by differentiating from the uniform product understanding of the mass production logic, and to manufacture without damaging the nature, as much as possible, while aiming for this.  Handan Loomworks, which adopts sustainable production as a principle in the modern world, where the usage frequency of raw materials obtained from petroleum and plastic is increasing, uses plant-dyed wool in all of its weaves, and produces a limited number of each product, believing in the power of slow fashion, without being a part of the excessive consumption cycle.


 Handan Özcan, who cares about that every design she creates is unique, creates more refined and minimalist designs by honoring the ancient motifs of Anatolia. Handan Özcan, emphasizing that there must be a playground between colors and textures, and being able to use textures as required by the technique in designs as a designer who also knows production techniques is one of the features that highlight her designs, summarizes the philosophy of the brand with her words:  "I love using different textures together as much as material and technique allow, but I do not exceed their limits", "Although I sometimes want to be able to create a design at the idea stage so much, if the hand loom, that thread or the hand of the craftsman cannot make this possible, I also know to give up on it." She summarizes the philosophy of her brand with her following words: "I find it more precious and special that it is not possible to have a design process independent of the production technique and the craftsman." For her own desing pillows and rugs, Handan Özcan collaborates with craftswomen who have traditionally woven in their villages for years, with the motivation to contribute to women's employmentwithin the framework of ethical production principles in order to keep this craft alive.

Outside of Turkey, Handan Loomworks designs are currently meeting with their users in Germany and England.