How do I use my coupon code?

Enter your coupon code in the "Redeem Gift Coupon" field in your shopping cart and click the "Redeem Coupon" button. Enter your coupon code completely and correctly. When entering your coupon code, be careful not to leave any spaces at the beginning or the end.

It didn't accept my coupon code. What should I do?

Please make sure your coupon code meets the following terms / conditions: Your order must meet the minimum order amount for the discount. The campaign period should not have passed. You can only use your coupon code once. Make sure you entered the coupon number correctly. When entering the coupon code, pay attention to upper and lower case accuracy. The letter "S" with the number 5, the letter "O" with the number 0 and the letter "I" with the lower case "L" can often be confused. Please check the spelling of these letters and numbers.

How do I know if my coupo code is working?

The discount on the total amount will be displayed in the shopping cart and invoice.

  • Discount vouchers valid only for a limited time

  • Opportunity to participate in sweepstakes held every year

  • Surprise discounts for limited time and stocks valid for certain products

  • Product gifts made within a certain lower limit


  • Campaigns and coupon / discount codes cannot be combined, except in special cases.

    If you have any questions about coupons and discounts, you can contact e-mail address.