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Home Office Design Tips for a More Productive 2023

The pandemic has told us a lot of things about our professional lives. Being stuck at home, separated from our colleauges has made something very clear; so many jobs don't require you to be actually at the office. Traditional offices don't have the cultural relevancy they once had in the past and a lot of businesses are switching to a hybrid system, if not a completely remote one.

When so many people are working from home, the importance of home offices is at an all-time high. If you are planning to switch to a home office in 2023 or need to turn your current one around, here are a couple of home office design ideas.

Start with the Chair

The importance of your office desk can often be overlooked. Some tend to just go with whatever they have available in the office and don't worry too much about it. But one of the best things about a home office is that you can furnish it however you like it.

Considering you can spend up to 8 hours on your chair a day, you can't leave this to chance. You will actually have to go to a store and see which desk and especially chair is the most comfortable for you. After figuring out which ones are the most comfortable, you can go with the one that you think will fit with the rest of your home office design.

Try a Standing Desk

If sitting down for 8 hours is not your thing, we might have another thing for you to try out. Working from home is not the same as working in an office. Most people try to maximize productivity while working at home by doing small chores while they are waiting for something and a little bit of downtime.

To keep up with a high-paced home-life balance investing in a standing desk can be a smart move. This will cut down on the time you spend sitting down, settling in, and having to stand up again for another chore. There are also some studies that suggest working while standing up can decrease blood pressure and relieve lower back pain.

Don’t Forget the Natural Sunlight

Another good thing about home offices is the fact that you don't have to stay under the oppressive white fluorescent light for a good chunk of the day. Offices usually use these lights to keep the work environment alive and vibrant, but it can get trying quite fast.

In our experience, natural sunlight works best in a home office. It keeps your mood up, prevents your eyes from getting sore due to overexposure to light, and helps you keep track of the time of the day. Whether you can get sunlight or not will depend on the location of your home office, but rearranging your home plan to get some is totally worth it.

Stay Organized

A home office should minimize distractions to keep you focused on your work. So a TV, a window to a noisy street, or any other things that might distract you are a no-go. The best way of achieving this is by keeping it simple and going with a minimal style.

Some of the things you can do to reduce disorganization are;

● Switch to wireless devices to reduce cable clutter,

● Use a cabinet to store your office supplies,

● Organize your desk regularly,

● Have a filing cabinet and get rid of unnecessary paperwork,

Don’t fill your home office with unnecessary furniture.

Keep it Comfy

We all need a little rest sometimes, there is no shame in that. While staying focused and minimizing distractions is important, you can still dedicate some space in your home office to rest for a -while and unwind, just in case.

We are obviously not talking about a king-sized bed or a massage chair necessarily. You can get a comfortable sofa, throw a warm blanket on it and furnish it with some cushions. That should be enough to sit down for a couple of minutes and recollect yourself before going back to work.

During some of the more hectic and busier days, you will appreciate this one.

Speaking of cushions, have you browsed Handan Loomworks’ collection of handwoven cushions?

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1 Comment

Duygu Yildirim
Duygu Yildirim
Jan 05, 2023

Excellent tips, many thanks.

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