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How to Clean and Care for Your Handwoven Furnishing

There is no getting around it, your furnishing will eventually get dirty with time. Whether it is the constantly present danger of spilling something on them or the accumulative dust build-up, sooner or later you will have to clean your rugs for them to keep the charm they had the first day you bought them. But cleaning a handwoven item in your house won’t, or shouldn’t, be as simple as cleaning and maintaining a rug furnishing, so make sure to follow our instructions to bring out the best of these timeless pieces.

Handle with Care

Just a quick heads-up. When you are handling handwoven furnishing, it is best to approach the cleaning of these sorts of products with care. Don’t get us wrong, handwoven pieces like the ones we produce at Handan Loomworks are high-quality products that are built to last.

But to bring out the best properties in the rugs and cushions and to make sure you don’t damage them through harsh rug cleaning methods, you will have to be a little cautious while caring for them.

No Chemicals

We like to think of our products, and other unique handwoven furnishings as irreplaceable parts of your houses, so damaging them while caring for them would be quite ironic. No chemicals like bleach or ammonia should get near your furnishing. This includes vinegar no matter what some instructive videos on the internet might say.

Don’t Pull on the Loose Threads

If by any chance, you see a loose thread on your rug, we implore you to not pull on it. This is an unfortunate habit people develop when they see a loose thread on their t-shirt or other clothes and it is just as bad as pulling a loose thread on a rug but the damage you do will be slightly worse. As you know, handwoven products are made by weaving thousands of wool threads together. Pulling on a loose thread to get rid of it might compromise the structural integrity of the surface and make the issue worse. We suggest just picking up a pair of scissors and cutting the loose thread off.

Invest in a Rug Pad

A rug pad can act as a soft, protective surface between your rug and the hard floor and extend the life of your rug. The pad might prevent the fibers in your rug from getting crushed between your feet and the floor when stepping on it and allow the rug to keep its fresh look for years to come. It will also help you keep the rug in the same place in your home by preventing slipping and keeping a cohesive look in the room that the rug is in.

How to Clean Handwoven Furnishing

If you follow the steps above, you will surely extend the service life of your rug, but what about cleaning it? What about the stain and the dust that accumulated along the years between the thread of the rugs and cushions? You won’t need anything fancy to clean a rug actually. Just simple cleaning routines will do the trick.

Vacuum Regularly

To prevent any dust and dirt build from forming between the threads of your furnishing, vacuum cleaning the surface will be an effective method. A standard vacuum cleaner will do just fine. Vacuum it gently every time you are cleaning the house and the rug will stay relatively clean for a long time.

Clean Both Sides

Just because it’s not the side we see every day and we don’t step on it, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean under your rug every once in a while. You won’t have to clean it as often as the upper side of the rug but dust, hair, and dirt accumulation can still occur under your rug. Make sure to vacuum clean it occasionally.

Stain Removal

If a little accident happens and you spill a liquid on your handwoven furnishing that leaves a stain, removing it might actually be pretty easy. Just get a couple of wet towels, soak in the liquid as fast as possible with the said paper towels and wait for it to dry. After the surface dries off, rehydrate the stain with a little bit of water and scrub it with some baking powder and salt. This method works wonders sometimes.

Be Careful with Pets Around

While we love our furry little friends, they sometimes make rug cleaning a little hard for us. If they like the handwoven rug as much as you, it might become their favorite spot in the house to lie down and relax. Just remember to clean the shed hair over the rug to keep it clean as much as possible. Hair is not the worst of it though. It is absolutely a must to toilet train the pets in your house as animal urine is very damaging for furnishing.

When cleaning handwoven furnishing, less is more. Scrubbing the rug harshly, using strong cleaning products, and cleaning the rug way too often might work counterproductively and harm these delicate pieces. As long as you don’t get too negligent, these high-quality pieces will be a sight to behold for the years to come.

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