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Interior Design Styles: How to Mix with Handwoven Pieces

When designing our homes, we have a tendency to get carried away and lean toward one, single interior design style and have doubts about thinking outside the box. Adhering to a single interior design style can yield great results as the coherency and harmony that comes with the approach can be impressive. While this approach is quite safe and reliable, our understanding of aesthetic beauty is more fluid than we give it credit for.

Mixes that look discordant on a textbook level can create inspired compositions and break the monotony of adhering to a single design style. Mixing and matching different design styles without making it seem a little too eclectic is an art form on its own and we would like to give a few tips on how to make handwoven Handan Loomworks pieces work with other interior design styles.


Maybe more than any other interior design style, rustic lets nature take the center stage. It has a unique way of letting the roughness and imperfection of nature shine. Rustic interior design is a pretty broad term already, so it is inherently able to blend in together and harmonize with other design styles perfectly.

We love the warm and inviting ambiance Rustic designs are able to create by mixing muted colors with rugged, imperfect patterns. The rugged and comfortable handwoven pieces we make blend in perfectly with the nuanced living spaces that Rustic style build.

A Rustic approach also puts a heavy emphasis on and highlights naturally obtained raw materials like wood. There is no room for any synthetic materials like plastic. It promotes short production lines with consciously sourced quality materials with its key principles.


Japandi is well known for its monochromatic color schemes mixed with sleekly designed furniture. A lot of us would agree that this leaves room for statement pieces where the handwoven furnishing may come into play. Much like the Rustic style, Japandi combines muted, neutral colors and imperfect textures but Japandi puts a little more emphasis on the craftsmanship aspect of furnishing.

Japandi, when done right, has the ability to transgress against the fast-paced life we live outside our homes and give you a chance to soothe your psyche and give you space to slow down life and reflect. The different types of wood used in Japandi-inspired living spaces also make it some of the more sustainable interior design styles.

Handan Loomworks pieces can give a Japandi style living space the texture and craftsmanship that it might need as the style itself is known to be very simplistic. The earthy tones of our products will also no doubt harmonize with the woody color scheme of Japandi and keep the atmosphere of the room from being too toned down.

To have a better idea of our favorite color schemes and tones, don’t forget to visit our online store.


One of our favorite things about a more southwestern style in interior design is the fact that it fits in well with our belief in and dedication to promoting slow fashion principles. Much like our products, Southwestern interior design is timeless. It revels in the old-timey feeling it creates.

Unlike the previous interior design styles we mentioned, which paid great attention to slick craftsmanship and design, the Southwestern style tries to make different irregular patterns and motifs work together and synergize. While also using earthy tones regularly, different colors can be used in Southwestern interior design more freely without looking out of place.

Southwestern style uses a lot of handwoven cushions to give your living spaces a more homely vibe. Native American crafts and motifs are usually given priority but we think a Handan Loomworks cushion would fit in perfectly with the textures and tones that a Southwestern inspired living space.

Make sure to browse our catalog of handwoven cushions to see which one suits your interior design vision the best.

Handan Loomworks pieces can be the last piece of the puzzle to tie the design in your head together. Thanks to the neutral tones and patterns we use, our timeless products can fit into different designs from different origins without sticking out. Now that you know how to mix and match with handwoven pieces, you can start turning your vision into a reality.

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