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Handwoven Rugs and Their Place at Your Home

Rugs can be the foundation we lay our interior design plans on when we are furnishing our homes. For a furnishing item that seemingly just covers a part of your floor, they will have a tremendous amount of influence on the look and mood of a room.

There are countless options on the market that can just as easily fill the floor of your living room as any other rug. But we believe putting a little bit more effort and thought into the interior design of your home is essential for creating the ideal living space.

What Makes Handwoven Rugs So Special?

Here at Handan Loomworks, we make sustainable, handwoven furnishing items that we hope become a special, cherished part of your homes. We don’t believe in the fast fashion trends that result in low-quality items that were mass-produced with substandard materials.

When you are looking for a rug and see that the market is flooded with options that provide little to no value other than covering a part of your floor. The value of our products comes from the quality that is inherent to every item that was crafted by a master craftsman. Not only aesthetically. You can feel the difference when you touch one of our rugs and feel how comfortable 100% natural wool is to the touch.

With our environmentally friendly methods, we make products that have short supply chains, use natural resources and rely on human skill instead of automation.

Choosing the Right Rug

The rug you are going to use in your home needs to have certain characteristics to fit the rest of your living space. Depending on the room, the rug needs to harmonize well with the rest of your furniture and furnishing to create the desired feeling in the room.

Whether it is a matter of color, texture, or space, knowing what you are doing before investing in a rug will be much more productive than buying it and then trying to fit it in with the rest of your home.

One of the first things to consider would, of course, be the color. The color of your rug needs to compliment the rest of the room to be able to tie everything together. Your rug, sofa, drapes, and cushions will be in collaboration with each other. So why not consult with them before you make the decision?

Determine the primary and secondary colors that define the room and meet them in the middle. Maybe not exactly by matching the colors, but with a rug that has a shade that is in the same color scheme as the rest of the room.

For our amazing handwoven rug and cushion color combinations, make sure to check our store.

The second thing you need to pay attention would be the size of your rug. At this point, knowing the measurement of the room will be helpful to visualize, especially if you are buying the room only. You need a rug that will make the room feel spacy, not stuffy.

Ironically one of the ways you can make the room feel smaller is to use a big rug. A small rug on the other hand will be underwhelming and won’t make enough of an impact on the room to change it.

As far as rug sizes go, if you want to make an impact on a big room and make it feel warmer and comfier, you will need to go big. A rug that has a measurement of 200x300cm will define the space it is in while a rug that has a measurement of 120x180cm can be used to tie the color scheme of a smaller room together.

Finding the Right Place For a Handwoven Rug

There is an interior design school of thought where it is believed that the design of the room should start with the rug. It will be the foundation that the design will lay upon after all. But if you don’t have that luxury, don’t worry. You can still get creative and find a perfect place for that rug.

Place the rug in a place that makes sense. It is easier said than done but what we mean is, that the rest of the furniture in the room should complement the rug in a way that just works. For example, if you have a big sofa in the room that has interesting patterns on it, a plainer, single-color rug will stop you from saturating the room with patterns. Or let’s say there is empty space in one of your rooms that just doesn’t look good. You can immediately make the room more interesting and comfier with a medium-sized rug.

Don’t go for the design in your head and stuck with it. Visualization can only get you so far. Trial and error will go a long way when it comes to capturing perfection in a room. Try a couple of different concepts and find the one that fits your home the best.

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